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Premium terms

Last updated: December 7th 2015.

1. Payment?

Payment is made via a SSL encrypted connection. The payment is handled by PointWorld A/S and will appear as "" on your bank statement.

You are buying the service from:

PointWorld A/S runs the website

2. What is PointWorld A/S?

PointWorld A/S is a website where you can earn points by taking surveys, taking part in market research, participating in competitions, visiting websites, playing games, making use of good offers as well as much, much more. On virtually everything you do, you earn points. You also can buy points, and when you have enough points, you can spend them.

3. What are the benefits of a Premium membership on PointWorld?

A Premium membership on PointWorld is a service that runs on a subscription basis. A Premium membership gives loads of extra benefits as a user on PointWorld. It allows you to earn more points and spend less points.

4. Special Premium membership campaigns at a reduced price

PointWorld will now and then provide special Premium member promotional offers where you can gain access to the Premium membership benefits for a limited period at a reduced price. The price is stated on the website/offer site also the trial period. In some cases you can also get a welcome gift upon signing up. The gift will be dependent on the specific campaign. Delivery of a promotional offer will depend on the offer taken. After validation of your identity the promotional offer will be shipped to the confirmed address. Shipping is typically 4-14 days from the address have been confirmed.

5. IMPORTANT! We will send you an email. It may end up in Junk mail

For you to be able to redeem your welcome gift as easy as possible, we have developed an online tool specific for this. You will find link and guide in the order confirmation email. It is important that you keep an eye on whether you get this email, because the email could possibly land in your junk folder. If you do not receive this email after your purchase, then you must contact our Customer Care.

6. The general terms for Premium membership

When you buy a subscription to PointWorld, we will automatically upgrade your account to a Premium member, and you can immediately make use of your advantages. The Premium membership works in the way that you will stay a Premium member until you unsubscribe (please see cancellation terms below). When you agree to the subscription you simultaneously agree to make these automatic payments for the full amount of //RENEWAL_PRICE// € for 30 days (if Gold membership was selected), up until the subscription is ended.

PointWorld may offer promotional campaigns to new subscribers as part of a special introductory offer. Premium introductory membership usually costs between 1.00 € - 5.00 €. The price depends on which campaign, that you want to use. The introductory period will usually be between 5 and 14 days.

Please note that prices and charges are subject to change. If you do not agree to the change, you may cancel your subscription in your Self-service page or by emailing [email protected]

Your monthly subscription price, which usually cost //RENEWAL_PRICE// €, can be split into smaller deductions, or downgraded to another pricing model as an automatic service after sign up. If this change occurs your receipts will reflect the new subscription price.

7. I'm new at PointWorld. What now?

If you have not previously used PointWorld before, you will automatically be registered as a user after entering your information, accepting the terms and conditions to the promotional offer once you have clicked on to the payment page. This happens whether you go through with the purchase of a Premium membership or not. You will then receive a welcome email with your login information on. Should you not receive this email, please check your junk mail. As a regular user (non-Premium), you are subject to the terms of use at PointWorld which includes PointWorld sending you newsletters from time to time.

8. No thanks! Termination of membership and information regarding the binding period

You can always cancel your current subscription, there is no binding period. Termination can occur through the Premium self-service area on PointWorld. Please note that your subscription can not be unsubscribed online within the first 24 hours after it is made due to the technical reasons of setting up your new account. It can however be done by calling our Customer Care number within these first 24 hours. Please be aware if you do not unsubscribe your Premium membership subscription before the end of an eventual trial period, then your trial membership will automatically turn into a Premium membership at the normal price.

If you terminate your subscription then no further payments will take place, that is unless you choose to reactivate the subscription, or you create a new Premium subscription at a later date. The termination of the subscription does not affect the benefits that are enabled on your PointWorld user account for the period that you have already been paid for. PointWorld will auto send an acknowledgment of your termination to the email address you used when signing up. Non-receipt of the acknowledgment does not affect the validity of the termination. It is solely the registration in PointWorld’s customer database that matters, as it is the customer's responsibility to have entered in their email address correctly, it is also up to them to ensure that emails are not deleted or landing in a spam filter. Please contact our Customer Care if you are unsure about how to prevent that from happening.

If you terminate your Premium membership, it is not the same as you deleting your user account. This must be done later if you do not wish to remain a regular user on the website.

9. Information regarding withdrawal

Your purchase of the Premium membership is accompanied by the statutory withdrawal period. You can only cancel your initial purchase if you have NOT used your subscription. You take your subscription in to use the moment you complete the purchase and log on to If you want to use this right, you must immediately after the initial purchase log off and not log on again. Then you should contact the Customer Care team by telephone to inform them that you regret your purchase. You will then get your subscription cancelled and receive a form which you must complete and return, then after this, your money will be refunded. Since you have entered into an agreement for a subscription service, it is only right to cancel this agreement and not in connection with the running payment.

10. Abuse. What happens when you misuse PointWorld

It is only allowed to have one Premium membership per PointWorld user, and only one PointWorld user account per person. In case of violation of this condition, PointWorld can at any time cancel the agreement and delete any points awarded/earned. This also applies to points which have been given by special Premium member promotional offers, or any points earned in connection with the Premium membership. By misusing the website you also lose the right to a refund of the money you may have paid to PointWorld for a Premium membership.

You, as a PointWorld user can only use one Premium membership campaign (at the reduced price) once every 6 months. Violation of this will also lead to cancellation of the agreement and any points that may have been obtained in connection with this. PointWorld also reserves this right not to refund the money may be paid for the invalid Premium membership.

In the case of abuse or suspected abuse, PointWorld can request additional documentation from the buyer prior to the submission of orders. PointWorld reserves the right to - without warning - cut off your access to PointWorld, like PointWorld reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against users who violate PointWorld’s terms or otherwise abusing the services and offers provided by PointWorld. Reference is also made in this regard to the terms of use of PointWorld.

11. Invoicing and factoring

PointWorld reserves the right to issue both digital af physical invoices if a customers order or Premium membership is not followed through with a payment by creditcard. Invoices can be issued by a third party as PointWorld reserves the right to use so called factoring-methods. Furthermore the customer agrees also that all communications relating to this trade is covered by RPL § 154a on a agreement to electronic and telephone communication between the parties in this trade.

12. Limitation of liability

PointWorld A/S assumes no further responsibilities than what PointWorld A/S is bound to by Danish law. In case of a dispute or controversy the parties submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Denmark.