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BarryPointworld posted a Reward

If you try to win $200 in an online FREE lottery you'll get 100 points

Lowress -

It's really free?

kfaarahiagmailcom -

Es ce que sa vqit vraiment le coût d'essayer

BarryPointworld posted a Reward

I will tell you how to have a free chance on winning $200 every hour for 100 points

elshalvliveno -

I want til cancel my subscription. I have just paid my first days, payment ID 18560012, but I want to cancel. Is this the place to to so? If not, please tell me where. RegardsElse, [email protected]

BarryPointworld -

Ehm, your subscribtion to what? this reward has nothing to do with a subscription to anything

zborniktele2se -

goto help -->

jwaerskog -

pm here

masa63 -


BarryPointworld posted a Reward

I will translate any text from English to Dutch (max 2000 words) for 1,000 points

fulmine62 -

Vergognatevi !!!!!!!!!!!!

viraaj99 -

anche tu cojone

idefix5 -

Native Dutch... :D and student at an English school. So I can do translations pretty well