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I will mention You in one of my article, advertising to you or your company for 500 points

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I am a blogger who writes about technology, art, street art, model making and collecting. I decided to make a proposal.
What is my proposal!?

In a simple way to get your name and the name of your company.
In fact I will insert a direct link to your website in my article, so as to give a bit of traffic to your site.
A small marketing move to revive your site or maybe to increase visits to your youtube video.

Do not miss this opportunity!!
Advertising for you and your business!
After that you'll give me your data (again, name and url of your site or a youtube video or another but always legal, NO PORN NO VIOLENCE), after having paid the bill, I will write the article by sending a message with the link so that you can see and check for yourself !!!
Do not miss this opportunity!
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