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If you enter the daily draw for Quizonaut you'll get 100 points

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To participate in the prize draw you simply have to answer one simple question. Each day has a new question and 100 new prizes worth a total of £ 320.Remember you can participate and earn points every day!NOTE: You have to confirm your participation via the email send from Quizonaut!1. click " i'll do it " - 2. click visit website - 3. select your language - 4. answer the question - 5. fill out the email form - 6. Go to your email. Open the email from Quizonaut and click "confirm your participation". When you see the pop up "your confirmation have been confirmed" go to the order on pointworld again and REFRESH (F5) the page. You have now received instant points. -- If you press submit documentation and enter the participation ID nothing will happen. This was the old way before instant points. -- If you have cookies disabled, use adblock or use two different browsers, nothing will happen. If you do the above steps in that order. The reward will instantly grant you points.

What to do (instructions):
Sign up for the daily competition for Quizonaut (remember to confirm your participation via the confirmation email)

How to get points (documentation):
Click "confirm your participation" on the email you receive from Quizonaut. Then REFRESH (F5) your order page on pointworld.

You have 14 days from you press "I'll do it" to deliver documentation

Can be done every:
1 Day

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