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hi this is my first ever blog i have a border terrier cross jack russel and i was wondering if this will be a good dog for hunting i do a lot of beating and shooting for a local shoot and was wondering will be aggresive towards over dogs and will it just want to kill everything it sees and will i be able to train it on a whistle if so what type of frequency whistle should i use ggrjfhgherjurhejwjfdshjsealjhfjdhfrirhgnmdfkhfdhdgsdfjfhkalhlajflhasdsdhdsdsjhdjsfdjhdsfjdsbsjdkfndsjdjkdgtgyruy640jhedmnfnfdnbdfn i thought a acme 212 whistle would be good is this ok for terriers fdhgfdskjhjdshfdjskjhdskdshjkdshsdkjhdsjjdsksjkdsjlsdkjdskldsjlkdsjdslkjsdlkds

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