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I will retweet 20 of your tweets for 500 points

anabelandresmedina -

te sigo sigueme

biebi90 -

Follower: Ciao ti seguo. Ricambi?

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I have just logged into this. I really hope it is going to be better then pointshop was, after a while it started to dwindle and get a bit rubbish. Fingers crossed this is better.
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Facebook help please
I have just started volunteering at my local museum. And my 1st job is to sort the facebook out and get it more likes and out there. I was hoping that if you have facebook you would kindly like the page. Please!!
Doncaster museum- education.
I have also linked it at the bottom.

sharon5667 -

I shall have a look and give you a like

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O2 the best phone network ever
So i have been with O2 for a long time.
They have a reward scheme for customers, which is called priority moments.

This past few weeks i have had several free gifts.
A free coffee
A hot chocolate
1 teddy bear
£10 voucher for the perfume shop
Christmas wrapping paper.
These are just a few freebies i have had this past 2 weeks.

You can sign up and get a free sim card, then d… Read more

tzietel -

sounds great, I love freebees.

mbisharat -

nice gifts...

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When people you respected growing up do something so bad
When i was younger i was obsessed with lostprophets. I thought their music was amazing. So you understand how i feel when learnt last year, that the lead singer, Ian Watkins was being arrested over allegations of child sex abuse and pedophilia. Fast forward a year and these "allegations" have been proven true with even him pleading guilty.
I was sickened to learn this last year and i am more so … Read more

tammieva -

I was also very shocked by this story.

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My buys from the sale
So it took me an hour to get to the airport. Though in a car would have taken about 20 minutes.
Once i got inside, though it was very busy. THere were tables set out with different things on them. The places was overly crowded which was good, so i could have a good look around before selecting what i wanted. There was alot of perfume, face creams, purses and bags and a few bits of chocolate.
I … Read more

tzietel -

I like the sound of the Thorntons !

tammieva -

Lovely - sounds like a successful shop

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First day on the bus
today was my first day on the bus and it seemed to be okay..
My mum phoned me this morning at half 7 saying i needed to get there quick and give the hire car back. Which was annoying as i was about 15 minutes from my mums house.

So i brought the car back home and gave the key, that was it.
Though to go to and from work i have to take the bus. Which i havent taken in about 4 years, due to d… Read more

roses -

I dont like buses either

savvyliving -

I also do not like buses, people are very selfish on them and will cough all over you and spread germs.