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Rest in peace

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Rest in peace

Last night i was in town with some friends for couple of drinks when i recived a text on my phone from one of my relatives telling me Michael Jackson died last night after an heart attack. firts i thought it was a joke. U know guys, sometimes news fly to fast over the internet, youtube, msn, facebook, phone. and i thought it was a joke. But like after 10-15 min we heard on the club near by some of Michael Jackson's song and we saw the storry on tv as well. Thats shame, he wa onlly 50. And the last couple of years he had many problems ( that child abuse case, healt problems, he got bankcrupt) and now when he finaly tryed an tur-over in his life- he died. Lots of people where excited to see him live in London

Rest in peace, Michael

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