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I'm sure you've been there. It's 8 pm and you're bone tired. You're nonstop kiddie marathon of a day felt looong and all you can think about is getting them to bed. Your mind is already at the comfortable chair with that book you're dying to finish and that glass of red wine. All you want to do is rush through prayers, read the shortest kids book you own and turn off the lights. Good night, sleep tight and all that.

to race through the bedtime routine,, but athough its a chore its has to be done

In those last few moments with them, when the rushing around is done and they are finally clean and pjed and cozy, that's when they talk and let their little hearts be heard. I don't want to miss it. And just like a runner doesn't stop in the last 100 yards, I know I need to push through and stay present.

There have been evenings when I've bathed one child while nursing another while yet another toddler clumsily tries to pour out the contents of his "kiddie potty" and I've thought to myself, I'm done.

But bedtime must be held CHERRISHED. I need to answer their ponders, kiss them "just one more time," and give each one of them my undivided attention. I need to read that full chapter and hear them pray for those 17 random people they've thought to add to their list of intentions. I can sleep or read or drink wine when I'm dead, but right now I need to be a mom and we all need that wind down time together. I can't rush it.

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