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Micheal Jackson...KING OF POP!

mojubz96 posted a new Thought

Micheal Jackson...KING OF POP!

I was shocked on hearing that the king of pop, micheal jackson has died. At first i didnt believe it as the media could lie, but then i realised that it wasnt a lie. After this i found that Micheal Jackson may have been murdered, by his own doctor :o, After researching about this, i have come accross the rehearsel micheal did and found that he wasnt that ill, so he couldnt have died just like that, and so i believe the doctor of micheal jackson, conrad murray is to blame for the murder of micheal jackson, he shouldnt have given micheal the pills which then killed him. As a doctor he should have been strong enough to say no to micheal jackson even if micheal told him to give the pills to him, but instead he let him take the medication. This is in my opinion and i know people out there say he wasnt murdered, but i am not arguing with anyone.

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