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More strange answers

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More strange answers

I did a blog some weeks ago about the funny answers I get from some of the elderly folk when I do my quizzes and games well I guess you could call this part two. This morning I was at one of the residential care homes that I go to to do activities with the residents. I had themed my activities today around Christmas (see how creative I am !) so I started off with a Christmas themed quiz. One of the questions was 'In the song the twelve days of Christmas how many swans a swimming were there?' the answer that came back from one of the ladies was 'Sixteen'. I then tried to get them to name as many pantomimes as they could, they were struggling so I said 'what about the one with the dwarves, who lived with the seven dwarfs ?' to which the same lady shouted out 'Goldilocks'. They do make me laugh.

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