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Concluding part

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Concluding part

we slosh on - we meet a lady who says to stay away from water meadows by river all under water or deceptive;y deep - we will bet marooned

so we go up high and the two horses that love bramble - oh my one is out - he starts to walk towards the puppy - so i put her on the lead and start to walk back - there are never any workmen around on the farm or people - always deserted - obviously isnt as horses are in different fields most days

horse seemed to be happy on the green slope it was on

so we started back and from the heights couldnt even make out where the river was as all was like one huge lake

climbing through really mucky bit bumped into mad and lady with 2 dogs - turned out he once found the colt that later drowned and got it to swim back across the river - so it had done it more than once oh my

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