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Final blog goodbye all

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Final blog goodbye all

Well this may be my last blog so I would like to say how nice it has been to share all of my insane ramblings with you all and hopefully you have learnt a bit about where I live just as I have learnt from you guys recipes, whats going on at home and of course some cracking jokes! (thats you Colin!) Wulise look me up when you are next over here and I can show you around the province of Buenos Aires, Insane Star you sound like such a nice person and Im sure its not you who needs therapy its the people around you who need it! And the guy who puts up with "The Lip" just punch the geezer square in the face next time you see him, it will make you feel soooo much better, after all he sounds like he deserves it! Goodbye everyone for now and hope you all have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!! Kind regards to all, Amanda.

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