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Join my village free charity click

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Join my village free charity click

Theres a charity called Join my Village who at the moment in the month of December have a free charity click on their website, you can either click on the website ( or like their daily updates on facebook and each click, like or share earns $3 from sponsors for the charity, they are aiming to raise enough funds to build 2 libraries, one in India and another in Malawi, the charity`s aim is to educate, mentor and empower young girls and women, to help them to run their own businesses with financial loans and educate them on how to improve family health and wellbeing and thus give them and their families the chance of a brighter future. If you have a couple of minutes just to check them out on facebook and get another $3 dollars given to the fund that would be awsome! Thankyou! :)

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